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Faceting Designs


This homepage is dedicated to all faceters who like to cut other designs than SRB:s.


I have been faceting since 1987 when I bought a Raytech Shaw faceting machine. It was my first cutting machine, I hadn't even cut any cabochons before that.

I like to design new cuts. My second stone was a new design, se star cut below. I live in Sweden and people who cuts faceted stones in our country are only a few.


Feel free to use my designs as much as you like. Of course I'll be glad if you will make a note who the designer is if you use it commercially.


Cutting instructions is included in the gemcad files or the pdf-files.


Gemcad is a very good program if you like to design your own gems, follow this link to read more.


I hope you´ll like my designs.


Images of faceted stones



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Faceting designs